We are transforming CSR
and sustanability in Africa


The TruContact CSR Nigeria seed was sown long before the founder; Kenneth Egbas would even conceive the dream of starting a company. Life didn’t always hand him a fair deal. From his early days and upon graduation from university he always dreamed of running a business based on the idea that outcomes from his business activities would promote innovation, equitable distribution of resources, justice, reduce wastage and help eradicate poverty in Africa. This gave wings to the dream that became TruContact CSR Nigeria.

TCSRN was founded in 2006, and carried out what many have come to acknowledge as trail blazing spadework that led to a rapid growth of what has become a vibrant and viable corporate social responsibility and sustainability industry in Nigeria, and Africa.
This was achieved through provision of the first sets of world-class trainings for budding sustainability professionals in Nigeria.
It is to TCSRN’s credit that 60% of decision makers in the sector today are graduates of its CSR academy.

At TCSRN, we know for a certainty that the paradigms have shifted in how the business world operates and how these seismic shifts affects and alters the future of the world we call home, or even how we would live years from now.

The only way forward is partnering with brands, organizations in public and private sectors, and leaders of nation-states in creating a more sustainable world that focuses on more than resource constraints, and reminds these brands and organizations of their key responsibility as aspirational role model for consumers. There are no guaranteed gains without social capital.
It is through social capital that true values or profits are created. We seek to help your organization navigate this threshold that stands between your brands and distinctive innovations, and finding your brands inner sanctum.

"The reason for me to do it is not because I saw a huge market opportunity. It was clear that we were not going to see electric cars from major car manufacturers. The industry was operating under two false premises. One, that you could not create a compelling electric car. And two, that no one would buy it. Now that we’ve become profitable, we expect that other manufacturers will get into the electric car market."

-Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and Chairman SolarCity-

To engender transformational change in CSR and Sustainability in Africa.

To guarantees a safe, just, equitable world that adequately meets the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations ability to meet theirs. These we shall achieve by activating, motivating, empowering organizations, one after another to imbibe the ethos and values of sustainability

  • A- Accountability
  • F- Focused
  • R- Resilient
  • I – Innovation
  • C- Creditability
  • A- Audacity

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