“There is no future for business if we don’t make the future our business”
-Ken Egbas

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Nothing excites us like an opportunity to help our clients make those key decisions that marries their business ideals and sustainability in a way helps them innovate in the areas of new products, ideas and service that keeps them ahead of competition.

The advent of corporate social responsibility and sustainability has seen so many organizations that do not want to be left behind have engaged at multi-sectorial levels of interventions. As we say, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. At various points of this journey it is important to carry out some reality checks to see if plans are hitting the right notes in the minds of target publics. At TCSRN, we help decision-makers and policy-makers decide what actions they should or should not take to make society more sustainable, and also ensure that plans and activities makes an optimal contribution to sustainable development

Consumers have finite attention spans and limited, as such, gaining their attention as quickly as possible and trying to establish the bonding capital with them is vital. We are adept at devising the surest and the most potent of reaching your target audience and ensuring optimized bonding that build mutual trust.

The biggest challenge the corporate world faces right now is the fact that while we are trying to encourage both large and small corporations to imbibe sustainability and how this could make them more profitable, there are examples of other organizations that have made no pretense of imbibing ethos of sustainability who remain enduring, viable and very profitable. However, with the global natural resources squeeze also hastened by a growing world population, which shows that if some tangible solution is not proffered soon on efficient resources management, the global economy could suddenly arrive the ‘burst’ or ‘breaking-point’ moment where productivity takes a sharp nose-dive. At TCSRN, we provide service that assist our client to set new agendas and reengineer their business models that boost their chances at a sustainable future in which innovation propels their productivity.

The challenges that come with sustainability today or lack of it, or the cause of all the ills today, which is the collapse of social capital. To find enduring solutions, we must focus on the underlying issues which we can only deduce through looking at the problems through a social capital lens. France’s Alexis de Toqueville who toured the US around the middle of 1800s and carried out a research on the burgeoning sense of new cohesion in American communities, describes social capital as a means od describing strength and inherent value in societies through qualities such as dialogue, shared thinking and widespread trust. We help clients through the complexities of how they could best navigate the complexities and dynamisms of how best to interact with their various publics in a manner that creates mutual benefits.

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